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  • Trusted by over
    150 companies.

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Accounts Payable Automation

Our Accounts Payable software is smart and intuitive that works out of-the-box from day one.

It learns and understands your businesses invoicing rhythms and habits and can allocate accounts, process and store your payables quickly, removing the need for any manual intervention.

Most importantly, it eliminates processing errors and vendor mistakes. This reduces risk, streamlines approvals and ensures you’re compliant into the bargain.

But aside from all that it saves you time, which saves you money so you can redirect both of those valuable assets to where they’re needed most in the organisation.

Our Accounts Payable Automation solution is constantly improving so there’s always enhancements that we will roll out periodically and continue to support.

We take care of that, so you can take care of business.

Our Accounts Payable software learns your accounts payable processes & procedures, based on your actual accounts’ payable history – typically 3 months up to 6 years of data.

Over a matter of days our software has integrated your processes into its systems. This delivers an up-to 80% reduction in time-entry labour straight out of the box. Our learning algorithm uses intelligent character recognition to read all the relevant information from every invoice (paper, file, email) down to the line-item level.

Approvals are automatically distributed to the appropriate person via the software. Information relating to the original invoice can be viewed and amended before being forwarded on for final approval which can be done from any web-enabled device.

Integration of our Accounts Payable system into your business can be completed in less than 2 weeks. Compared to industry norms of up to 18 months.

Transform your accounts payable into a strategic function allowing for improved cash flow and real time management of your payment terms. Our software solution puts you right back in control of your financial position.

Who is it for?

Our Accounts Payable software uses advanced Machine Learning techniques to learn your business’ accounts methods and protocols. This allows it to efficiently and accurately collate systems of data and present them in a meaningful way, so you can make more informed decisions faster. The software completely eliminates the chance of human error – errors that can cost your business money.

Evolve’s Accounts Payable software frees up your skilled personnel allowing them to be better utilised within the organisation. So, not only does it save money and offer the peace of mind against human mistakes (hey, we all make them!) it will actually save time too — the one thing you can never get back.

How does it help business’?

Our Machine Learning software acts exactly like an employee in your accounts department but with upgrades — doesn't get sick, need time off or get hangovers. It can manage your entire accounts payable process and integrate with all your other businesses' Original systems such as a CRM or ERP. Whilst it can replace personnel in an accounts role, there’s no substitute for human critical thinking, so repurposing your staff to more important roles is simply a biproduct of leveraging our state-of-the art software.

Fits And Flexes To Your Needs

  • Evolve Accounts Payable Automation is fully flexible and infinitely scalable.
  • As a bolt-on application, Evolve Accounts Payable Automation can be connected to any current software or ERP system that you have.
  • Evolve Accounts Payable Automation begins each installation by listening diligently to fully comprehend your business position, accounts payable challenges and needs.
  • We then appoint a dedicated Product Delivery Manager for customised implementation, training and ongoing support. 
  • Need additional support? Not a problem. Connect with us and we’ll provide it. We’ve got your back.

We build state of the art, business analytical solutions that can be customised specifically to your requirements. Think of it as artificial intelligence, backed by good old fashioned human intelligence.

How we've solved Accounts Payable Automation

Whether it’s bills being paid late, your reputation with suppliers, your number of staff having to manage data being entered into your ERP or just the sheer amount of time wasted at your organisation. Accounts Payable activities can cost a fortune — it needn't — the EVOLVE solution works to only show your staff the things they need to look at and take out all the mind numbing data entry work that costs your organisation. It seamlessly aligns to your internal processes and forces the audit trail to protect your bottom line.

Read the case study here

With increasing modern-day fraud coupled with the sheer number of suppliers required to do business well, a lengthy payment process protects your business cash-flow and makes sure you’re paying the right people. Software can do that a hell of a lot easier, backed with strong regulation from within your organisation. Don’t let yourself be held victim to the modern world – put software in that covers your flanks.

The Evolve System combines state-of-the-art governance best practice process, and the best workflow machine-learning and AI engines in the world, to make your process as short as possible.

Read the case study here

Trees saved: 60,000 per month / 10,000 pages page 6 X 12 X 5 (360 Plus 6 per month)

At the start of the Covid lockdown, tens of thousands of printers were purchased because companies could not take away their dependency on paper. The Evolve system has an ergonomic interface designed to show your staff what they need to see, how they need to see it, and takes away any paper dependency or invoices arriving in the mail.


Read the case study here

Whether it’s when the Tax Man shows up at your door or when you figure out who and how much you must pay to make sure a delivery arrives on time, you need the ability for anyone in your organisation to find invoices fast. Evolve’s unlimited users allows you to have everyone in the organisation with stilted access to the invoices that they need to see, when they need to see them so that they never need to worry about payment not happening, that delivery not arriving, or your power being cut off.

Read the case study here

For companies who want Accounts Payable Automation delivered through flexibility, simplicity and support, Evolve’s solution is:

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Simple out-of-the-box Enterprise Accounts Payable Automation
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Tailors to any system and process
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Proven over 15 years to deliver reliable solutions in information services

How it makes life easier for Accounts Payable Management and Teams

  • Eliminates the need to enter invoice data into finance systems manually
  • Automatic registration of invoices (to Jobpac for example) before they’ve been processed
  • One source of truth for everyone to check an invoice status and its details
  • Automatic ABR lookup for ABN and GST status
  • Generate government compliance reports (such as the new Payment Times Reporting Scheme) quickly, easily, and consistently.
  • This is a Software as a Service (SaaS) product – there’s no need for any additional IT overheads
  • Automatic software upgrades for new features and fixes
  • No more chasing lost invoices. Period.
  • Configurable reporting dashboards allow problematic suppliers and inefficient parts of the process to be identified and addressed
  • As scalable as your business needs it to be without internal upheavals to processes
  • No need to store boxes upon boxes of paper invoices for archiving
  • No more passing around stacks of invoices between users/locations and stamping and signing each one manually
  • Single sign on that is super simple to use and allows IT to maintain access controls and password rules
  • Easily swap out integration points to new systems as the business changes or upgrades, without impacting established business rules and approval flows
  • Cleaner internal processes
  • 3-way ‘matching’ eliminates errors
  • Catches cheeky price rises from suppliers before you’ve spent an extra $10k unaware
  • Approval limits setting reduces the likelihood of fraudulent behaviour
  • Gives you clear macro and micro views of the numbers
  • Lets you know where the business stands from a cash-flow basis with full audit histories being available
  • You’ve stopped fraud
  • You’ve given hours and hours of labour back to the company
  • You’ve saved money for the company both directly and indirectly
  • You’ve allowed skilled resources to be repurposed to where they’re actually needed in the business instead of hunting down lost pieces of paper
  • You’ve implemented a scalable, cost-effective, 100% awesome solution to the problem that is accounts payable

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